When the music fades….

We are just over half way through Lent, a season for preparing ourselves for the most important Christian festival of the year, Easter. There are many traditions about how to keep Lent (the preface the Church of England provides for this first part of Lent mentions fasting, prayer, acts of service and studying the bible) but the point of each and every one of them is to get our priorities straight and to regain or improve our focus on Jesus.

Some people try to follow Jesus’ teachings without putting Jesus himself first in their lives. This is impossible because his teachings urge us to put him first in our lives. All four gospels agree: Jesus does not point away from himself, to a God he claims to know; he points to himself, to a God he claims to be.

Imagine a religious leader (a vicar, say) giving a talk and saying to people, ‘I will sit and judge the nations of the earth,’ or, ‘If you believe in me, you will never die.‘ Ridiculous. And so are the teachings of Jesus, unless he is exactly who he claims to be: God Almighty.

Fr Mike Healey (priest-in-charge)

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