Re-Opening for Public Worship


Thursday, 1 April, at 19:30 — Online Zoom Service
Liturgy of Maundy Thursday.

Friday, 2 April, at 14:30 — Online Zoom Service
Liturgy of Good Friday.

Saturday, 3 April, at 21:00 — Online Zoom Service
Easter vigil, with bible readings, prayers and songs.
Continuing until after midnight to see in Easter Day.

Sunday, 4 April, at 09:15 — In the Church Building
Easter Day Mass with a sermon, prayers and communion.
Lasts about one hour. This is a socially distanced service without singing, and face coverings must be worn.

Sunday, 4 April, at 10:45 — Online Zoom Service
Easter Day service held jointly with Emmanuel, Waterthorpe.

If you would like to join in with any of our online Zoom services, or attend our Easter Day Mass in the church building, please contact us.

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