And another thing…. (Part One)

On the occasion of Corpus Christi, I wrote about the centrality of the mass (breaking bread, the eucharist, holy communion, the liturgy, the Lord’s supper, the sacrament) to the Christian life. Of course, one of the implications of this centrality is that the Christian life is not a solitary undertaking but one lived together. But one of the most fascinating things about the mass (whatever you call it) is the many meanings it carries.

One of the meanings of the mass is that it is a foretaste — a prophetic enactment — of the wedding feast we will share when we are united with God in the fulness of his kingdom. The wedding feast was an image used by the prophets who lived before Jesus was born to speak about God’s future kingdom and Jesus, while claiming he had already come as Bridegroom to inaugurate the kingdom, taught about the future fulfilment of God’s judgement and rule using the same image of a wedding feast.

When Jesus instituted the mass at the last supper, he spoke about this future fulfilment in connection with the wine that we drink. When he taught his disciples how to pray, some scholars think he made a connection between the coming kingdom of God and the bread that we eat.

So when we celebrate the mass, one of the things we are doing is looking forward — like we do during the church season of Advent — to the coming of God’s judgement and rule and praying for Jesus to come in glory. Will you join us in praying for the fulness of God’s kingdom to come?

Fr Mike Healey (priest-in-charge)

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