And another thing…. (Part Two)

One of the meanings of the mass (whatever you call it) is that it is a physical encounter with God: Jesus — God the Son — who became human to save us, gave us the mass so that we could have not just his Spirit but his body and blood.

This is such an amazing claim that its significance is often missed: God — the ground of all being and the reason we can use our reason and not simply discount it as the unintended product of mindless chance — becomes a creature — a physical inhabitant of the universe which depends on God for its existence at every level. It is, as one of the Mirfield fathers put it, like grammar becoming marmalade.

But this is exactly what Jesus claimed he is: the Creator become a creature. He calls us not only to know him and follow him but to actually meet him and spend time with him — and to eat and drink him. And he makes it possible for us to do this physically through the mass. This is why some Christians spend time with the bread we eat and wine we drink, enjoying the physical presence of Jesus and praising, worshipping and praying to and through him.

So when we celebrate the mass, one of the things we are doing is enjoying the physical presence of the Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ. Just as during the church season of Christmas, when we sing that ‘he came down to earth from heaven who is God and Lord of all,’ so in the mass we marvel at his Incarnation and praise and glorify his body and blood. Have you thought seriously about taking part in the mass? Perhaps you should.

Fr Mike Healey (priest-in-charge)

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