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Repairing the Churchyard Retaining Wall

A large section of the old, stone-built, retaining wall between the western boundary of the
churchyard and the allotment area was repaired in September 2021.
Stone and soil had slipped causing the need to strengthen a wall section of around 4 metres in width and height. The damage was first noticed around 14 years ago at the time of re-ordering the church interior. Two other smaller sections were also damaged but these were not considered in need of attention at this time.
The project involved many years of fundraising; technical reports by the church architect; land
surveys; repair designs by a structural engineer; and, a public notice. The church authorities finally gave their approval for the repairs to go ahead in May last year. Our appointed contactor was unable to start work until the last few months, because of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.
The repair included removing a decayed tree and overgrowth and laying down a base for the
construction of gabion baskets to hold back any further potential slippage. To safeguard against further wall damage during the work, the baskets were filled with stone on site and assembled in order. A particular challenge for the contractor was the narrowness of access via Tye Road. This meant that the choice of vans, skips and mechanical equipment had to be carefully considered.
The cost of the repairs, around £23,000, has been covered from a specific, restricted fund which a large number of people have donated to over many years.

The Parochial Church Council is very grateful for the generosity of so many people without whose support these repairs simply could not have been made.

Photos of the repairs are on display in the church.
October 2021

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