A Guide to the Church Building

In 1991, Rosemary Richards produced a guide to the building drawing on various sources (listed in the bibliography). The guide naturally doesn’t say anything about the re-ordering which was undertaken in 2007 but has a wealth of information about the previous history of the building.

(The 2007 re-ordering involved the area then occupied by the pipe organ, now occupied by the kitchen, lavatories, storage loft and electronic organ, and the floor and seating. Other features, such as the walls and windows, were not altered.)

Rosemary’s guide is offered here as a free .pdf with her permission. Unfortunately, the file has not been processed using OCR so it can be read and printed but is not searchable. It was originally printed and sold in aid of church funds. If you would like to make a donation to S Mary’s church, please see our ‘donate’ page.